Martial Arts for Teens & Adults in Bayside, WI:

Train to Develop Self-Defense Skills and a Fit, Healthy Body

Workout routines at the gym quickly get stale and boring. Group fitness classes may be fun but lack practical purpose.

Today with busier lives, adults need more than a workout to lose weight: they need training that will transform their bodies in a lasting way.

Our adult training classes offer a serious workout while learning the skills to protect yourself.

Schedule Your First Lesson

Our Adults Martial Arts Program is designed for students ages 13+

The training will focus on a physical workout and learning practical skills!

  • Students attend classes 2-3/week
  • Programs from $149/month
  • Clean and Sanitized Facility
  • We Follow All Health Department Guidelines

Build Confidence

Development of skills leads to unshakable confidence.

Empowering Peers

Our culture of empowerment leads to lifelong friendships among training partners

Fitness for Life

Martial Arts is a lifestyle activity to keep healthy and fit for years.

ATA Teens/Adults Program

  • Basic Martial Arts: Stances, Blocks, Kicks and Strikes
  • Self-Defense Skills
  • Activity and Exercise
  • Life Skills including Discipline, Focus and Confidence
  • Unlimited Class attendance, recommend at least 2x/week
  • 45-Minute classes
  • Family Member Discounts: Enroll 2 Students, and the Whole Family is included!
  • Classes Sun-Thu. Check schedule page for most recent schedule.

Basic Program

Students start with the Basic Program, attending at least 2x/week. This gives the fundamentals of martial arts and teaches the skills necessary to train to become a black belt in 36-48 months.


How to Start Your Training

1. Schedule Your Introductory Lesson

2. Take Your First Class!

3. See and Feel the Difference in Just a Few Classes!