Martial Arts for Special Needs Kids

Structured Program to Improve Focus, Confidence and Communication Skills

Many programs and activities aren't a good fit for children with Special Needs.

At Girton's ATA Taekwondo, our instructors are trained to work with Special Needs kids, demonstrating structure, patience and compassion to help them meet their goals!

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Both our ATA Tigers and Karate for Kids Program are great for Special Needs kids.

Kids have fun and thrive in the structured environment.

Parents love how the children grow in confidence and have better behavior at home and school!

  • Kids attend classes at least 2x/week
  • Programs from $149/month
  • Clean and Sanitized Facility
  • We Follow All Health Department Guidelines

Build Confidence

Kids feel stronger, faster and more confident!

Develop Focus

Children develop focus and concentration from training!

Keep Active

Our Program is Fun and Active with Friends!

ATA Taekwondo Program

  • ATA Tigers: Children Ages 3-7. Karate for Kids: Children Ages 8-12. Teens/Adults Ages 13+
  • Basic Martial Arts: Stances, Blocks, Kicks and Strikes
  • Self-Defense Skills
  • Activity and Exercise
  • Life Skills including Discipline, Focus and Confidence
  • 30 Minute Classes (ATA Tigers). 45-Minute Classes (Karate for Kids and Teens/ Adults)
  • Family Member Discounts: Enroll 2 Children, and the Whole Family is included!
  • Classes Sun-Thu. Check schedule page for most recent schedule.

Basic Program

Students start with the Basic Program, attending at least 2x/week. This gives the fundamentals of martial arts and teaches the skills necessary to train to become a black belt in 36-48 months.


How to Start Your Training

1. Schedule Your Introductory Lesson

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3. See and Feel the Difference in Just a Few Classes!